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80s fashion, 80s music, acting, actors, actresses, american pie, american pie 2, ashton kutcher, bad boys, bloody valentine, bowen lounge, c. thomas howell, cameron crowe films, candles, cd, chat, cheap trick, chris chambers, chris penn, conan o'brien, converse all stars, corey feldman, cyndi lauper, dallas winston, damone, darrel curtis, dax, deuces wild, dogfight, donna, emilio estevez, eric, explorers, fast times, fez, food, footloose, for keeps, friends, gangs, ginger snaps, girl interrupted, gordie lachance, gossip, grease, greasers, grey, hamsters, hello there, hyde, identity, improv, inside the actors studio, jackass, jackie, james dean, jay leno, john cusack, john hughs, johnny cade, kelso, kiefer sutherland, liar's moon, little darlings, mad tv, marlon bando, matt dillon, mickey mouse, molly ringwald, mtv, my bodyguard, new york, nicolas cage, nigella bites, nightly double, not another teen movie, over the edge, ponyboy curtis, punk'd, rats, reality bites, rebel, rebel without a cause, river phoenix, rodents, rumbles, running on empty, ryan pinkston, say anything, sean penn, sixteen candles, socs, soul man, spicoli, stand by me, steve randle, suicide [ha ha], summer, summer of '42, surrender, teddy duchamp, tex, that 70's show, that night, the 50s, the 60s, the 70s, the 80s, the banger sisters, the big town, the brat pack, the breakfast club, the good girl, the goonies, the movie december, the outsiders, the strokes, the sure thing, the thing called love, the wild life, verno tessio, vh1, vhs, welcome to the dollhouse, wil wheaton, winona ryder, writing